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WHO on the problems on child height and physical development of children
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WHO on the problems on child height and physical development of children

For many years, our company MBFMETHOD Corp. has been developing methods, as a consequence of which children can increase their body height, normalize their weight and control their physical development without any kind of medication or operations. Thousands of parents as well as young men and women from 52 countries all over the world heeded our recommendations and used our methods to increase height, lower, gain or retain their body weight, tone their physique, get healthier, fix various posture defects, etc. Our site has been in existence for seven years. We have been performing research on the issues addressed therein for over thirty years. We have a mass amount of experience and many cases of personal observation, as well as experience from other research. These methods comprise a special program of nutrition, vitamin therapy, physical exercises and massage. In other words, it is a complex system of a healthy lifestyle for all stages of life, beginning with fetal development through 18 years for females and 20 years for males.

On April 27th, 2006 the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva released recommendations based on the results of an incredible amount of research conducted across the globe. The WHO confirmed that all children, genetics notwithstanding, have the potential to achieve the same height and weight. In its conclusion, the WHO states that "The basis growth and development in children up to 5 years of age mainly hinges on their nutrition factors, feeding practices, their immediate environment and health protection rather than genetics and ethnic factors." The WHO also notes that "It is especially important for the children to reside in conditions which allow for their full genetic development potential." Thusly, modern scientific data suggests that today, the physical and functional development of children can be controlled. It is important to adhere to certain principles of nutrition, physical training and lifestyle.

In a schematic, it would look something like this: The base model would be the height. Upon this base, like the sculptor making Venus or Apollo, the proportional muscle mass is placed. The heart, lungs and other body systems develop to a level that allows for the entire body to fully move and function. Step by step, the children the children become healthy, smart and successful in their consequential careers and personal lives.

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